Hi! My name is Enyver, but my friends and family call me “Eny”. I am the owner and creator of Ten Point Floral and Event Design. 15 years ago, I was asked to help a small flower shop during a busy Valentine’ Day weekend; in Orange County, California. This began my journey in the world of flowers. Since then, I love what I do! I worked for a wedding florist who taught me techniques and the ins and outs of wedding design. The learning experience and getting to know many vendors who also shared the passion of turning visions into beautiful realities, made me fall in love with the industry. A few years later I became a freelance designer and worked with the best floral designers in Orange County and Los Angeles. I’ve had a privilege to learn from the best because I now have a diverse background in the floral world.
Though I loved California, I decided to make a drastic change and move to the South! In 2013 I came to Georgia to help with my family’s business in remodeling and construction. Not quite as artistic as flowers, but with this I have been able to explore another passion of mine- Interior Design. Georgia is where I learned about my true love for anything vintage, and how they tie down with wedding décor. After being a freelancer, my next step in my career is to have my own floral design business, my baby- Ten Point Floral Design. Georgia has shown me a different kind of beauty, and opened my mind to new ideas in designs- I want to add my personal touch to visions and make them into realities.
While working with my family, I met the love of my life. Unexpectedly, this man stole my heart! We have been married for 2 years now, have a cute 10 month old daughter and a stubborn Schnauzer!
Things I love doing aside from floral designing are; building things such as mantels, tables,(other stuff..etc); reading, watching criminal shows and documentaries, decorating, and dancing!

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